Case Study: Effective Use of Language Services in a Disputed Estate Case

Case Study: Effective Use of Language Services in a Disputed Estate Case

The Case:

This particular legal case involved a complex dispute over inheritance of an estate located in Morocco which had been ongoing for several years.

The claimant, based in the UK, had faced significant language barriers when dealing with Moroccan solicitors and reviewing Arabic documents related to the estate. This lack of proficiency in Moroccan Arabic posed a considerable challenge, potentially affecting the claimant’s ability to present their case effectively.

To overcome the language barrier and ensure a fair legal process, the claimant engaged IMD Translation in the provision of translation and interpreting services. This resulted in all relevant documents, comprising court filings, correspondence, and conveyancing documents being accurately translated, including nuances, legal terminology, and cultural context, from Arabic and French in to English.

During meetings with Moroccan solicitors, IMD’s professional interpreters, proficient in both Moroccan Arabic and English, facilitated communication to ensure discussions were accurate and clearly understood by all parties.

Legal translation and interpreting services provided specialised knowledge of cultural nuance and legal terminology specific to both Moroccan and UK law. This expertise was crucial for understanding the related cultural and legal concepts and ensuring accurate translation and interpreting.

Translation services were prompt, ensuring that the claimant received timely translations for court hearings, negotiations, and correspondence, allowing the case to progress efficiently.

The Results:

The effective use of language services led to several positive outcomes:

-        Improved Communication: The claimant could actively engage in meetings with Moroccan solicitors and stakeholders, contributing to a more effective legal process.

-        Accurate Understanding: Translated documents allowed the claimant to comprehend legal intricacies and make informed decisions.

-        Successful Outcome: After years of litigation, the case was eventually ruled in favour of the UK-based claimant.

The Conclusion:

In cross-border legal cases like this, professional translation and interpreting services bridge language and cultural gaps, ensuring fair representation and effective communication. By leveraging expert language services, the claimant successfully navigated a complex estate dispute, ultimately securing a favourable outcome.

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