IMD Translation General Manager gives lecture on language services at Leeds University Business School

IMD Translation General Manager gives lecture on language services at Leeds University Business School

On 27 April 2022, IMD Translation Ltd General Manager and Leeds University alumnus James Halstead MCIL CL delivered a well-received lecture on the language service industry in the Leeds University Business School and at the invitation of the University of Leeds Business Confucius Institute.

With a background spanning UK and Chinese private business and government, James shared a wealth of professional and personal experience working in and with China. 

James is an advisory board member and former Co-Chair of Chinese-Speakers and currently manages IMD Translation Ltd, a UK based LSP (language service provider) providing translation, transcription, and interpreting services to law firms.

James’ personal experience and career path in China, as well as his comments on working as a linguist in both Chinese and English, captivated the University of Leeds students, staff, and external guests who attended the talk. 

He shared his profound insights into the global language service industry, as well as practical instances of working as a linguist (translator/interpreter), and an overview of the speciality and professionalism of legal translation. 

Professor Wang Binhua (Chair/Professor of interpreting and translation studies in the Centre for Translation Studies, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds) moderated the event and gave introductory remarks about the importance of translation and interpreting as well as its study as a university subject. 

James’ interest in language and translation has been a clear and consistent motivator throughout his career. Reflecting on his work experience, James advised students interested in becoming translators or interpreters to consider various items including their preferred specialisms, establishing credibility, and clarity of communication with stakeholders.

Throughout, James highlighted the ways in which working as a linguist can be rewarding because you are assisting people in understanding and communicating with one another by navigating the differences between languages, and how legal language services are paramount in ensuring justice for all as well as ensuring proper growth, understanding and trust between peoples and nations.

As such, the work of a linguist is one of the most important roles in communication and conversation with any foreign business, state, and culture. Where languages and cultures are vastly different, such as between the English-speaking world and China, perhaps even more so.

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