Quality Assurance in the Translation Industry: A Key to Success

Quality Assurance in the Translation Industry: A Key to Success

In the professional services sector, clear and accurate communication is paramount. This is particularly true when dealing with legal, financial, and medical documents, where even the smallest error can have significant consequences. Here at IMD Translation, Quality Assurance (QA) is not just a buzzword; it’s an integral part of our workflow that ensures the highest standards of translation.

Understanding Quality Assurance in Translation

Translation QA (TQA) refers to the monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project to ensure that standards of quality are being met. It involves a series of checks and balances throughout the translation process, from the initial receipt of the source document to the final delivery of the target translation to the client.

Quality Assurance in IMD Translation Workflows

At IMD Translation, we offer two main workflows – Standard and Premium:

-        Standard Workflow:  Translation only: This workflow includes pre- and post-processing of files, specialist human translation, and Project Manager checks. Adherence to work guidelines, proper handling of client feedback, and archiving and retention of copies of work ensure the quality of service.

-        Premium Workflow: Translation + Revision: This workflow includes all the steps in the ‘Standard Translation’ workflow, plus an additional bilingual revision and proofreading step performed by a separate, qualified linguist. This extra step offers an added layer of assurance to really polish off a translation and deliver perfection. Plus, this workflow ensures adherence to all aspects of ISO 17100!

Unlike some LSPs, all our translations, proofreading and revision are performed by qualified humans, not by machines. Machine Translation is not something we would recommend for externally facing, specialised, or complex texts, and is really only adequate for ‘gist’ translation in its raw, unedited form. This human touch allows us to better ensure translation quality and client satisfaction.

Translation Quality Assurance in Practice

In an industry where precision is paramount, QA plays a crucial role. At IMD Translation, we understand the importance of TQA in maintaining our high standards, and this is reflected in our processes, certifications, and accreditations – we are members of the Association of Translation Companies, and are ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, for which we are externally audited on an annual basis.

Our processes and values ensure we are customer focused, process-led, and driven by a commitment to excellence. Our systems are secure and purpose built, to facilitate quality management and due translation process.

Our linguists are qualified, competent, and experienced in their fields. They are able to accurately translate, and are committed to excellence through ensuring translations are professionally done the first time around, and that self-revision and proofreading are completed before delivering their completed translation. This is then, where opted for by clients, passed to a separate qualified linguist for a further review and proofreading step.

Our staff are equally qualified, competent, and experienced in their areas of operation, with our project managers ensuring that clients and linguists understand requirements, facilitating communication throughout as needed, and performing final verification checks before target delivery. They carry out regular randomised dip sampling and review of projects and maintain proper archiving and filing of relevant documentation.

Whether you choose our Standard, translation only workflow or opt for the added security of our Premium workflow which comprises translation + revision, you can be confident in the quality of our service.

For more information about our services, please visit our website at www.imdtranslation.co.uk, or get in touch with our friendly team at info@imdtranslation.co.uk