Translation and the Government (and everything in-between!)

Translation and the Government (and everything in-between!)

Translation is often referred to as the second oldest profession. Throughout the centuries it has enabled trade, diplomacy, and even holidays! It has helped ideas flourish and progress blossom. In the modern world it has continued to help make the world a smaller place; information now flows rapidly across borders, and languages blend seamlessly, all thanks to translation!

Enabling Communication 

Translation and interpreting have allowed businesses and authorities to talk to each other, enabling international collaboration and government policy-making.

In this increasingly interconnected world, decisions made by one government can have implications for the entire world. International organisations like the United Nations and the European Union are composed of members coming from different linguistic backgrounds. Without skilled translators, international cooperation would be inefficient or even impossible.

Languages are different - often very much so. Legal jurisdictions are also different - often very much so.

One language might not have a word that means exactly what another is communicating andone legal jurisdiction might not have a particular precedent or mechanism to another. This makes it difficult to express complex laws in another language and relate it to a foreign jurisdiction. However, it is essential that policies, processes, and laws are translated clearly and capture the exact original meaning to facilitate fairness and access to justice. A good translation is not held back by the diversity of languages—instead, it uses it to achieve greater clarity and keep the world moving forward.

The Importance of Effective Communication 

An essential application of translation services lies in international relations. How else would countries that speak different languages be able to work out complex agreements and ensure they are getting a fair deal? A linguist needs to be present for every step of the process, from meetings to drafting papers, to editing and presenting them. Constant communication between businesses, courts, governments, countries, and individuals is facilitated, ensuring all parties clearly understand everything at hand.

Speedy, accurate, and reliable translation makes the world go round; it facilitates international trade, bilateral negotiations, and people to people interactions, which boosts the economies and security of the countries involved. Many nations rely on these services for a significant portion of their economic impact.

Confidentiality and security are crucial for government projects and the translation of legal documents; policies, communications, and papers are often needed quickly. At IMD Translation we deal with translation of legal documents on a daily basis, have a strong focus on the professional services, keep confidentiality and security close to our heart, and are proud to deliver translation excellence to all of our clients. Without translation, we could not have such an interconnected, interesting, and efficient society!

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