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    Don’t get caught out - what is now paragraph 3A.1 of PD 22 CPR no longer applies to the signing of witness statements where the witness is unable to read or sign the document in English.Download and retain our handy reference guide and make sure any statement made by foreign language witnesses is not struck out for non-compliance. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    EU directive (2012/64/EU) on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    A snazzy flyer for IMD Legal Translation and Interpreting that you to download and retain. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    ISO9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Having ISO9001 certification demonstrates our commitment and ability to consistently provide products and services that meet and exceed customer and regulatory requirements. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    ISO 17100 certification is a set of standards that play an essential role in enforcing standardised practices and quality processes for translation services. This certification can help you identify quality translation service providers, as you know they have been checked and approved by an official third party. Our is available here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    Q&A document pertaining to webinar delivered on 20th Sept 2023 regarding CPR rules and foreign language witness statement (note this document is static and will not be updated further; therefore, with the passage of time, some of the information contained by have been superseded or made redundant) : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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We have excellent experience in translating official documents and commercial contracts for law firm clients. Our qualified and reliable translators can advise on Certification, Affidavits, Notarisation Statements of Truth, Sworn Translation, and Apostilles from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office across many practice areas. 


When it comes to interpretation, you need someone who understands not only the subtle nuances in language but in culture too. Our interpreters offer consecutive interpreting, allowing conversation to flow and is ideal for court hearings, meetings with clients, prison visits, or commercial meetings and conferences.


We provide professional, accurate legal transcription services across dozens of languages in many practice areas. IMD Legal Translation and Interpreting Ltd utilises the latest technology to provide high-quality audio transcription with exceptional attention to detail. 

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