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IMD Translation Ltd offers the highest quality Mandarin and Cantonese interpreting services, and Chinese translation and transcription services in both Simplified and Traditional character sets.

Chinese Translation, Interpreting, and Transcription Services

We are pleased to offer expert translation in both Traditional and Simplified scripts, with native understanding of Chinese culture and customs, and interpretation in Mandarin and Cantonese - if you require a different Chinese language or dialect, please contact us directly. 
Chinese is a collection of languages, rather than a single unified language - it is a linguistic family tree. Mandarin is an official spoken language in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. However the official written version differs and are not always completely mutually intelligible: Simplified Chinese characters (简体) are used in China and Singapore, and Traditional Chinese characters (繁體) are used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
In addition to spoken Mandarin, there are many other spoken varieties of Chinese including Shanghainese, Fukienese, and Cantonese. The latter is an official language in both Hong Kong and Macau, and is also predominantly spoken in China's Guangzhou province.
If you are unsure what language, dialect, or written form of Chinese you require, please reach out directly to us and we will be able to assist in identifying your needs.
IMD Translation Ltd supports UK firms in providing excellent service to their Chinese speaking clients by providing top-quality translations and interpreting. We specialise in translation and interpreting services for the professional services sector, including law firms, medical firms, and financial firms, and have built a reputation for providing a quick, accurate, and confidential service tailored to our clients’ requirements. 

Some of the firms we are proud to have worked with...

Co-op Legal Services
Clarke Wilmott Solicitors
Ward Hadaway
Ward Hadaway
East Sussex County Council
Astraea Group
Smith Partnership
Noor Law
Price Forbes & Partners
Law Together



We have excellent experience in translating official documents and commercial contracts for commercial and law firm clients.  


When it comes to interpretation, you need someone who understands not only the subtle nuances in language but in culture too. 


We provide professional, accurate audiovisual file transcription services across dozens of languages in many practice areas. 

Chinese Translation for Firms in the UK

If your clients are looking to do business in the Greater China Area, we can provide a superior Chinese translation or spoken language interpreter service. All of our Chinese translators are native speakers and understand how Chinese people build business relationships. 

We can also work with you across many other practice areas, including family law, personal injury, immigration, intellectual property, probate and criminal law. We are pleased that 95% + of our clients return to us again and again because they trust us to deliver efficient, reliable Chinese translation services at a competitive price. 
Harmonious communications without hard-selling or confrontation are essential in your communications, with great care taken to ensure the right tone and approach. All of our Chinese translations are carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced Chinese translators.  


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